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Fire extinguisher 2kg
Fire extinguisher 4kg
Kommer inom kort. ..
Lifehammer Evolution
Press the head of the LIFEHAMMER® EVOLUTION against the car’s side window. The ceramic hammerhead wi..
Lifehammer Plus
Shatter the car's side window easily using this high quality safety hammer with double ..
Lifehammer Safety Belt
Children and adults on the back seat will be able to enjoy more comfort and safety thanks to th..
Don’t get trapped in your car! When seconds count, protect yourself and your loved ones with ResQ..
Do you know anyone who put petrol in a diesel car? Has this happened to you? With SoloDiesel misf..
Warning Tents
Lifehammer Safety Vest
A safety vest in the car can be of vital importance and is therefore compulsory in many countries. K..
Grip Ice Claw
Warning Flare
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